By focusing on quality, ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО ensures that its employees receive the best care and training in order to deliver the best service to its clients. One way of delivering the best quality, is to make sure our personnel is focused on health and safety and to make sure ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО complies with all safety regulations and obtains the relevant certifications. Regular communication and exchanging feedback with the clients, as well as promptly responding to their requests is a key parameter for ensuring the quality of our services.
As the second largest player in LNG, ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО is committed to support the global shipping industry’s growing demand for LNG bunker solutions. There are currently approximately 200 LNG-fuelled vessels operating.
Crude Oil
Oil shipping accounts for nearly a third of global maritime trade. The capacity of the world’s fleet of tankers, the ships that transport and petroleum products, has increased by 73% since 2000. With ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО your shipping is assured.
Oil & Gas
Products Shipping
Every day, billions of companies and individuals use oil and gas to commute, work, heat homes and offices and perform many other activities. We are active in 120 countries where we deal with all aspects of oil and gas trading, derivatives and shipping.
ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО dry bulk carrier, is recognized as one of the workhorse classes of the shipping industry. The market for dry bulk carriers is expected to remain robust and sustained by increasing demand for energy, raw materials and food stuff.
The ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО conventional shipping division was established in May 1993 with its primary activities in the ownership of containerized and general cargo vessels, shipchartering, shipmanagement and ship agency services.
ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО STS operation in tankers is a highly critical and specialized cargo operation. An incorrect understanding of the various factors affecting cargo Handling can lead to serious accidents and unnecessary claims.