Sustainability is a core value at ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО as it ensures the long-term health and success of our people, our business and the environment we work in. It involves a commitment to safety and environmental practices, as well as an innovative approach to the use of technology and information. In short, sustainability is part of ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО’s DNA.

In 2005 we set our company motto as “the ocean is our environment” – as we deal with a global pandemic and the accelerating forces of a global energy transition this motto and application of sustainability across all facets of our tanker business has never been more important.

ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО is committed to contributing to the global footprint by aiming at conducting business in a sustainable and responsible manner. ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО is also involved in activities to improve the energy efficiency of its operations at all levels and at the same time in renewable energy segments such as Wind. To ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО, working responsibly means seeking to positively impact the areas where we operate.

In ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО, we aim to create long-term value for the companies with which we partner and are committed to making a positive impact on local communities. The work we do involves supporting local communities to develop, both socially and economically. We build capacity in local communities by supporting education and by training local employees and providing support to our employees’ families.

ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО joined the UN Global Impact in the year 2017 under one of the operating units “Crew Management”. From 2018 onwards, the sustainability report was expanded to include relevant data and statistics from the whole ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО group. The ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО Maritime Group confirms and renews the commitment to continuously support the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environmental Protection, and Anti-Corruption.