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Share Price

Repositioning of shares

ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО is a dual listed company. The company’s shares are listed on two listing exchanges: Euronext Brussels and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The shares are identical and have the same rights.

Holders of ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО shares may in principle reposition their shares from one listing exchange to the other after completing a simple procedure for repositioning. The share register is unique but it is split in two components. The U.S. component is managed by Computershare and the Belgian component is managed by Euroclear. There is therefore no secondary listing for ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО as both listing exchanges are considered the primary listings of ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО.

Shareholders who wish to reposition their shares must contact their financial intermediary or custodian, who should in turn contact Euroclear Belgium (ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО’s Belgian transfer agent) or Computershare (ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО’s U.S. transfer agent). The transfer agents are responsible for providing assistance. Below you can also find an overview of the procedure to reposition shares and a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

When ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО’s ordinary shares (unless otherwise restricted) are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, they are reflected on the U.S. component of the ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО’s share register, and when they are traded through the facilities of Euronext Brussels, they are registered in the Belgian component of the Company’s share register. In the framework of corporate events (including the payment of dividends or shareholders’ meetings), ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО may suspend the repositioning of shares for short periods of time. ТК CARGO SHIPMENT, ТОО will inform its shareholders of such “freeze periods” on its website on the pages ‘General Assemblies, ‘Dividend’ or elsewhere, as the case may be.